Handling data in football for Year 4 and P5

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Learn to read and display fun football data in a bar chart.

This lesson includes:

  • one video
  • three activities

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Mathematician and TV presenter Rachel Riley introduces the concept of handling data in football. She reminds us how to read a bar chart, why they are useful and some important features to remember when drawing your own.

Being able to present match data in a bar chart is a useful way to display key information and to help interpret a team’s performance.

Look through the slideshow to find out more.

The title of the slide, along with the Premier League logo, over a neon yellow background.

Handling data in football

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Activity 1

Take this fun quiz to test your ability to read and interpret data from bar charts. Try it again at the end of today’s lesson to see if your understanding has improved.

Activity 2

Practise drawing bar charts using these activity sheets which are based on statistics from Premier League football matches.

There are three levels, each progressively harder than the one before. Try starting at Level 1 and working your way up.

Handling data activity sheets

Click here for the answer sheet

Activity 3

In this challenge, you will need to put your new skills to the test and get your whole household active to record and display their scores.

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