Dress well for less

Whether you need an outfit for a job interview or have a night out you need to look your best for, buying second-hand and upcycling is better than buying new – for both your wallet and the environment. Here, Lucy and her guide dog Olga help Beulah get ready for a job interview see if you can pick up some tips!

Avoid Fast Fashion

  • Some high-street brands are cheaper than others and often this is because they are mass-produced quickly in response to the latest trends. This usually means that environmental corners have been cut to reduce production time and may mean that cheap and toxic chemicals and fabrics have been used.

  • Another concern is that the workers who produce these clothes, from the farms to the factories, are often working in dangerous environments for low wages and without basic human rights. Finally, the speed at which the clothes are produced and consumed means lots of textile waste is created – with millions of pieces of clothing being sent to landfills every year. By mending, upcycling and buying from charity shops you are able to limit your contribution to this industry.

Make do and mend

  • Check what you already have in your wardrobe – repairing clothes that are worn out or no longer fit saves you money, and means that lucky top you love hasn’t seen its last days!
  • All you need are some basic sewing and hemming skills. It’s easier than you think and makes all the difference in keeping your wardrobe up to scratch without costing the earth.

Upcycle rather than buying new

  • Buy at charity shops – it’s super cheap and you can find some gems you may not find elsewhere. Don’t worry if trousers are slightly long; some simple hemming should do the trick. All you need is some hemming tape, an iron and an ironing board.

  • Try to think creatively. Is there a collar you like the look of, or a way you could combine your new top with an existing one? You can try to model some of your own upcycled clothes on popular trends and create your one-of-a-kind take on this, or – if you’re feeling like a trend setter – it’s an opportunity to try something brand new.

By avoiding fast fashion, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re doing your bit whilst looking your best!

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