Parents' Toolkit: Activities

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Fun, educational and inspirational activities to keep kids, teens and even parents entertained while you're at home.

Indoor activities

Fun activities for smaller children
Seven skills a teenager can learn in one month
More indoor activities

Learning at home

How to turn gaming into a career
Homeschool History podcast
More activities for learning at home

Activities for children and teens with SEND

Fun games to help children with SEND get active at home
Five multisensory activities you can do with your child at home
More activities for children and teens with SEND

Get active

Get up and go with Mr Motivator!
Six ways to get your kids active at home
More activities to get you moving

Arts and crafts

A guide for getting into music online
Rob Biddulph's five tips to help you confidently draw with your kids
More arts and crafts activities

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Five ways to incorporate mindfulness into your child’s day
Five ways to make bird watching a fun family activity
More mindfulness and wellbeing activities

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