How to become a music festival volunteer: Betty's story

Meet Betty and learn more about her position as a music festival volunteer. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

  • Betty works for a community radio station and was selected to attend a BBC open day at Teeside university. One of the stalls there was for Radio 1's Big Weekend where she signed up to be a volunteer at the festival

  • She was selected by BBC Music Introducing to act as a liaison for the artists and the staff

  • Betty feels that these placements are vital if you want to impress the right people. She thinks that if you have ambitions to be on the stage, on the radio, in front of the camera or behind the camera these are the people that get you there.

I'm living proof that you can get to places like this through volunteering, you don't necessarily have to go to university, you just need the passion and drive to get there.

The lowdown

Where can I find out more about volunteering at music festivals? Do your research on what music festivals are on and then check their websites for opportunities or contact the organisers directly. Open days at universities are another good opportunity, where radio stations might have a stall promoting events they have coming up, like Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Why do it? The music industry is a notoriously hard one to break into especially if you aren't insanely talented, or really connected. Volunteering provides a good "in" to the industry and gives you an opportunity to start networking and building up your contacts.

What qualifications do I need? None in particular - passion, experience and dedication is more important, although musical knowledge and performance skills could be beneficial.

Tommy: audio engineer
Emily: Production Manager for Festivals
Jack: digital marketing assistant