Curly caterpillar letters and the suffix -ly

Home learning focus

To understand how to correctly form curly caterpillar letters and use them in sentences that also contain the suffix -ly. This lesson includes:

  • a video introduction to curly caterpillar letters

  • a video about the suffix -ly

  • three activities to do at home


Watch this short video below to find out about curly caterpillar letters.

Have a go at writing these letters in the air whilst the video is playing.

There are nine caterpillar letters in total. They are: s, o, q, c, e, a, f, g and d.

They all start by looping from the top and then curl out. Some of these letters have straight lines too.


A suffix is a letter or group of letters that attach to the end of a word and changes the word's meaning. An example of a suffix is -ly, which, when added to the end of a word, is used to describe a verb.

Watch the short video below to find out more.

Try and remember as many of these suffixes as you can.


You may need paper and a pen or pencil for some of these activities.

Activity 1: Hunting for curly caterpillar letters

Take a piece of paper draw nine big boxes.

  • At the top of each box, write each of the curly caterpillar letters.
  • Go on a hunt around your house or garden and see how many items you can spot that start with each letter.
  • Write each item down in the correct box as you go.
  • Once you've finished you can decorate each box by drawing some of the items.

Activity 2: Do you know the suffix -ly?

Try this quick quiz to see how well you understand the suffix -ly.

Activity 3: Writing pirate rules

Imagine you are a pirate.

Create a list of rules you always follow in order to be the best pirate in the world.

  • Make sure your sentences use capital letters and correct punctuation.
  • Use words that contain the suffix -ly to explain your rules.

Here are examples to help you:
Always dress smartly.
Walk the plank slowly.

Where next?

In this lesson you have used curly caterpillar letters and the suffix -ly.

There are other useful articles on Bitesize to help you.

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