Top tips for teamwork

Teamwork is a great way for you to learn from others, share skills and get support when you need it. With most workplaces being hugely collaborative, it’s good to know how to work together - it can spark creativity and show you new ways of working.

Top tips to take away

  • Get to know the people in your team and build good working relationships. It will widen your support network
  • Get collaborating! Use your skills, but remember others in your team may be able to contribute different talents or approaches. As brilliant as you may be, you’re not expected to have the skills to do everything
  • When you can, offer help and be supportive - this demonstrates you’re a team player, and you may need the same in return one day
  • Remember, everyone’s job role is significant. No role is too small and others may bring skills you don’t have to the table - work together to make things run smoothly and reach the end goal!
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