How to become a humanitarian worker: Camilla Thurlow's story

"It is so rewarding. Clearing mine fields has been the greatest job I could ever have had."

Camilla Thurlow is an explosive ordnance disposal specialist who rose to fame on the reality TV show Love Island. She tells us about the activism work she did for The Halo Trust, how being on Love Island gave her a platform for her feminism, and how she struggled to reconcile her experiences oversees with her life back in the UK.

Camilla explains what her charity work has involved and how her time on Love Island helped her pursue her interests

What skills do I need?

For specific charity work you may need to undertake considerable training. For example, 6 months of operational training is required to gain an explosive ordnance disposal qualification. You will probably be able to start less specialised charity work much more quickly, but will still need certain skills, such as:

  • good verbal communication
  • the ability to work in a team
  • leadership and motivational skills
  • resilience.

What to expect if you want to become a humanitarian worker

What will I get paid? This depends on the role, the charity and whether you are in a voluntary or paid position.

Where will I work? Depending on the charity you choose, your location could be national or international.

What are the working hours like? This will depend on your role and the type of charity work you undertake.

What qualifications do you need to be humanitarian worker?

What qualifications do I need? Specific operational training and volunteer experience may be required, depending on the charity and role.

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