How to become a volcano vlogger and guide: Chris' story

Meet Chris, 25, to find out more about life as a volcano vlogger and guide as part of our Bitesize world of work series.

I apply the skills and knowledge that I learnt at school to help people understand volcanoes.

Chris has built an exciting career as a volcano vlogger and guide for a company called Going to Extremes. He uses photography and film to record and write about his experiences exploring and climbing inside volcanoes for his blog. He is currently working with drones to map lava lakes. They measure the height and depth of the lakes, and help to identify any potential signs of new eruptions. Chris loves sharing his passion for volcanoes with others, helping them witness science in action first-hand, including helping to guide film crews on how to safely access these dangerous environments.

Chris's career path

What to expect if you want to become a volcano vlogger and guide

  • Volcano vlogger and guide Salary: Variable
  • Volcano vlogger and guide working hours: Variable per week

What qualifications do you need to be a volcano vlogger and guide?

  • Entry requirements: There are no set requirements, but it may help if you have some GCSEs or equivalent including Science and Maths. A strong knowledge of geology and geography is also important. Experience of dealing with the public and giving presentations could be useful, and additional languages may also help

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