Family and hobbies

Home learning focus

Learn the basics of talking about your family and hobbies in French.

This lesson includes:

  • a short film demonstrating how to talk about your hobbies

  • two activities to try at home



To talk about who is in your family in French, you use the verb:

listen avoir - to have

In French, listen un is used for male family members and listen une is used for female family members.

listen J'ai une mère et un père - I have a mother and a father

Ma famille - My family

Here are some basic terms to use when talking about your family:

listen une mèrea mother
listen un pèrea father
listen un frèrea brother
listen une sœura sister

You can download a more comprehensive list of family members below.

More family members in French


There are lots of things you could do in your free time.

The following video explains the verbs needed to talk about the activities you take part in.

Talking about your free time in French

In the video we learnt the following verbs:

listen J’aimeI like
listen Je n'aime pasI don't like
listen jouerto play
listen faireto do

We also learnt the following activities:

listen le sportsport
listen le footfootball
listenle cyclismecycling
listen la natationswimming
listen au basketbasketball
listen la guitareguitar
listen la gymnastiquegymnastics

Use these phrases to fill in the blanks below:

  • J'aime ____

  • Je n'aime pas ____

  • Je joue ____

  • Je fais ____


Now you can try and put some of what you have learned about at family and hobbies in French into action.

Activity 1

The family members in the worksheet are in the wrong order.

Draw lines to connect the family member in English to the correct French term.

You will only need a pen and paper for this activity.


Activity 2

Use the vocabulary you now know to fill in the blanks in the following statements.

You will only need a pen and paper for this activity.

  1. J'ai une ___ - I have a mother

  2. J'ai un ___ - I have a brother

  3. Je joue ___ - I play football

  4. Je fais ___ - I do karate

  5. J'aime ___ - I like swimming

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