What is fast fashion?

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What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is a term that we see more and more frequently on the news and social media.

Rosette Ale, a sustainable fashion business owner, explains the impact fast fashion is having on the planet and the ways we can slow it down.

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Fast fashion is the mass production and sale of cheaply made clothing, often closely following the changing fashion trends.


  • Over several decades, the production of clothing has become faster and cheaper as a result of more advanced technology and the use of lower cost labour overseas. With lower prices, people have been buying clothes more frequently to keep up with the latest trends.
  • It is estimated that in the UK 10,000 items of clothing go to landfill every five minutes - that’s 2,000 per minute!
  • Shopping second-hand, mending damaged clothing or transforming it into something new, or even renting outfits we’re unlikely to wear again, can help reduce the amount of clothes that we throw away.

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This page was published in July 2022.