Results: How to bounce back

This article was last updated on 30 July 2020.

Olympic silver medalist Lutalo Muhammad gives advice to the Mind Set's Angel on how to overcome disappointment.

It’s fine to feel upset or disappointed if your results are not as good as you’d hoped for

  • Give yourself time to process the news but don’t let it detract from results with which you are happy
  • Talk to your parents / friends / family and get their support to help you through feeling bad
  • Allow yourself a few days to come to terms with your results and then re-focus

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Advice on how to keep positive

  • Analyse what went wrong and be honest with yourself: If you didn’t work hard enough, admit that as it will help you to understand and learn from it
  • Decide whether you want to do re-takes

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Support with making those big decisions

  • Remember that no matter how hard this feels, it's a great learning opportunity, and one that will help you in the future (as long as you allow it to)
  • Take all the lessons you can from this and move on. Dwelling on the grade will not change the grade and will only make you feel worse
  • Remember that these are ultimately just grades. They matter, but your health, family, loved ones and the rest of your life all matter much more.
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