Other Side of the Story

Discover how the news you see and share can affect your life and view of the world.

We're here to help you cut through the noise and discover more about misinformation, fake news and how to understand and deal with everything from algorithms and echo chambers to unconscious bias.

Phone Swap

Kaz Kamwi and Johnny Carey break out of their echo chambers

Take a look at what happens when our two teams of intrepid influencers examine their echo chambers.

Swapping phones with one another, they take on challenges. What happens when they break out of their social media bubbles?

Plumbella and Nadim Almak get to know each other's feeds

Who Am I?

Greta v Selena: Whose mum was an opera singer?

Two famous faces, one fact.

Can you correctly match the person to the information, without your bias getting in the way?

Stormzy v Boris: Who was born outside of the UK?

Through the Lens

Take the CRAAP test with Jacob and Ollie Ball

Ollie and Jacob test the reliability of their news by using the CRAAP test, and face off against their grandmas in a news based pop quiz.

Online sources v newspapers. Older v younger. Who will win?

Jacob and Ollie swap their phones for their grandma's newspapers

Things People Say

Teens react to mean comments about Raheem Stirling

People will say all manner of odd, funny and outrageous things online that they would never say in person.

Find out what happens when online arguments are spoken out loud and how hating, rather than debating, can really skew a story.

People have their say on online arguments about the news

Other quizzes

Can you guess how different people get their news?

Challenge yourself with one of our quizzes and discover more about how your view of the world is shaped by the news you see.

You might get a new perspective and start to question more than just the quiz answers.

Do you know what impartiality is?