Summer 2020 feel-good checklist with Harpz Kaur

This article was last updated on 27/08/2020

Well, it’s been an unusual summer, that’s for sure. And it’s nearly time to go back to school. Now, you might be finding this exciting or you might be finding it a bit nerve-wracking. Either way, it’s important to look after yourself, as change can be stressful. It can be helpful to have a list of things you can do to make yourself feel good, then check them off. Here’s Harpz Kaur’s summer 2020 feel-good checklist!

Tip 1: Do something that makes you feel good

When you feel a bit ‘meh,’ it can help to do activities that are energetic, creative, or relaxing, like music, art or playing out. Which things make you feel good? Can you make a list of them and check them off as you do them?

Tip 2: Help out!

It’s been shown that helping others can have a really positive effect on yourself. It’s not a reason to do nice things for others, but a happy outcome! What can you do to help out? Could you groom a pet, help a younger sibling, tidy up or do something else that helps out a friend or someone in your family?

Tip 3: Practise your new routine

Going back to school means you’ll have a new routine – maybe going to bed earlier, getting up, dressed and out the house earlier and travelling to school. It can be a bit daunting when you’ve had such a long time off school! Practising your routine – before you even need to do it – is a good way to get yourself prepared so that when that alarm bell goes off for real, you’re ready for it. You could try going to bed earlier and setting your alarm for the time you’ll have to get up for school – you could even practise getting your uniform on and packing your bag with the things you’ll need for school.

Tip 4: Stay connected!

As you prepare to get ready for school, make sure you keep talking about how you feel and speak – or write – to people who make you feel supported and good. Keep across updates from your school – they will have information about how you can stay safe as you return. And support your friends by checking in on them too!

Tip 5: Manage your screen time

It’s important to keep an eye on your screen time though. You can use your screen to talk to people you care about, but not all the time! You need breaks too and, if you're on social media, make sure you keep your feed healthy by getting rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Make sure you have regular breaks from your screen to read, play or do something creative!

Try out some of these things and find what works for you. Some of you might be feeling worried, anxious or upset at this time. If that’s the case and you’re struggling, make sure you talk to someone you trust, and know that there’s lots of support out there that can help you.

Where to find support

If you’re finding things difficult, make sure you speak to an adult you trust: it could be a family member, friend or teacher. If you want to speak to someone confidentially or get support from other young people, you can contact Childline or you can text the Anna Freud Crisis Messenger for advice and support.

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