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NEW Green classroom - Secondary

Videos, activities and study guides to support learning about sustainability, climate change and the environment.

Green Themes - explainer videos
Green Scenes - classroom activity
Study guide collections
Key stage 3 and 3rd & 4th level

The Regenerators Hall of Fame

Nominations for the Hall of Fame are now closed and the names of our chosen climate champions will be announced in September.

The Regenerators Hall of Fame is a celebration of young climate champions from across the UK who are passionate about the planet and taking action to protect it.

Good luck to all the nominees!

Make a difference

Simple ideas and inspiration for being green.

9 to 13-year-olds
14 years old +

Green careers

Meet the next generation of workers making their jobs more sustainable. Produced in partnership with The Open University.

Sludge Scientist
Business Founder
Discover more green careers

Live Lessons

Straight from the studio into your classrooms! These fun and interactive lessons are perfect for teachers.

The Green Planet Live Lesson 1
The Green Planet Live Lesson 2
Climate Change Live Lesson