Researching the right university for you

There are around 150 universities in the UK. Whether it’s cutting edge facilities or the best gig scene, each of them has its own unique claim to fame. So how do you choose?

We’ve asked our coaches what they were looking for when they picked 'the one.'

In this short film, our coaches talk about how they researched which university to go to.

Trying to decide where to go to uni?

  • Once you’ve picked the course you want to do, look for centres of excellence, i.e. departments that specialise in the subject area you have in mind
  • Understand what’s important for you: for example, do you want to go to a prestigious university, or are you more interested in institutions that offer work placements?
  • Location, location, location: don’t underestimate the importance of where you will study! Do you want to be far from home or just a quick train ride away? Do you want to be in a big city, or in a smaller place near the sea? Do you want a thriving night life, or would that be too much of a distraction?
  • Do your sums: as well as the cost of tuition fees, you’ll have to consider housing costs and general living expenses, so don’t forget to research those too.
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