Preparing your child practically

This film was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Anna Colton explores the practical concerns many parents have about their child starting secondary school, from worries about having the right equipment to getting lost in a new building. This film shows what you can do to help your child prepare practically ahead of the move.


  • If they are concerned about the new canteen, take them to a café over the summer where they order and pay for what they would like to eat and drink

  • Teach them how to make healthy food choices, allow them to cook at home and talk to them about what makes a healthy lunch

  • Do a practice run of their journey to school so they feel familiar and confident enough to do it themselves

  • Look at the school's website or handbook to check what equipment your child needs ahead of their first day

  • Show your confidence in your child so that they believe in their own confidence. Avoid taking over tasks that they can do themselves – it can sometimes be hard to hold back on the help!

  • Buy your supplies of sticky back plastic in early summer before they run out, so that you are ready for the book covering requested of most year 7s. Stock is harder to find in that first week of September!

Preparing your child emotionally
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