O’clock times

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Learn how to tell the time by using the hour and minute hands on a clock.

This lesson includes:

  • two slideshows
  • two activities


The first slideshow will teach you the different o'clock times on an analogue clock. Pay attention to the hour hand and minute hand because these will help you tell the time.

Learn how to tell the time.

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In the second slideshow you will need to use your knowledge about the hour and minute hands to select which clock tells the correct time.

Three clocks show a time, from left to right the clocks tell; 8 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 2 o'clock.

Which clock shows 2 o'clock?

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Activity 1

Activity 2

Each clock face tells a different time. Answer each one and see how well you do by looking at the answer sheet at the back.

Telling the time


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