Switching to a vocational pathway

Is doing A-levels always better than other options?

An academic route (A-levels, Highers and university) is only one route to success in life. A vocational qualification can often be the best of both worlds, offering practical experience as well as a sound theoretical foundation. Some of our coaches decided to make the switch: this is what they have to say.

In this short film, our coaches talk about their experiences of switching from classroom-based learning to a more practical route

If you’re thinking of switching:

  • Make sure you’re switching for the right reasons: are you really looking for a change in pathways, or is it more just about ‘needing a change’?
  • Consider the timing of the switch: do you want to have something (e.g. an apprenticeship) lined up before you switch, and keep doing what you’re doing until then?
  • Have you spoken to a teacher or career advisor to discuss your options? You may be able to make a partial switch and mix your qualifications

Find out more about mixing A-levels and vocational qualifications

  • Time is of the essence! The longer you stay in something you don’t like, the longer until you can start your new dream course, so do your research, make an informed decision and go for it!
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