Making new friends

This film was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Malachi and Libby were both worried about making new friends. They talk about the challenges of moving to secondary school without existing friendship groups. Malachi found that joining a sports team was a great way to meet like minded people. Libby shared her concerns with her teacher and was encouraged to be brave and present a project in front of her entire class which helped her grow in confidence.


  • Join a club or after school activity to meet new people

  • Be yourself and you’ll make friends with people like yourself

  • Smile and be approachable

  • Make an effort to speak to people even of it takes you out of your comfort zone

  • Don’t rush this: the most genuine friends come gradually as you get to know each other, not by trying to be instantly popular

  • You will be seated with different people in different subjects and will have to work together. This is a good opportunity to get to know your classmates and form new friendships.

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