Who was Mary Anning?

Mary Anning waves an arm

This is Mary Anning.

She lived in England and was famous for finding fossils.

Find out more about her, below.

Painting of Mary Anning.

Key facts

  • Mary Anning was born in 1799.
  • She made important discoveries about fossils.
  • Mary is one of the greatest fossil hunters to have ever lived.

Did you know?

  • When Mary was a toddler, a woman holding her was struck by lightning! Mary survived.
  • Mary was the first person to discover a complete Ichthyosaurus skeleton. This is now on display at the Natural History Museum in London.
  • Mary had a dog called Tray, who she took with her when she searched for fossils.
Mary Anning with her dog on the beach holding up a fossil

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