Struggling to fit in

Leo from CBBC’s Our School has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), which made it hard to make friends and feel part of his new secondary school. Find out how Leo managed to still be himself, gain the support of his classmates and enjoy his time at school.


  • Talk to your friends or classmates about how you feel and why it’s hard for you to fit in - they might be able to offer advice and support
  • Talk to your teacher about how you feel, they will be able to introduce you to other students who will introduce you to their friends
  • Be yourself and you will make friends with similar people
  • Try new activities and clubs as that will help you meet new people
  • Keep smiling and say hello to your classmates
  • The more risks you take in meeting new people the better you will feel (although it might be scary at first)
Struggling to make friends
Struggling with school work
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