How to be a music video director: Adam Powell's story

Music video directors work with a film crew to make their creative vision for a song come to life.

Adam Powell is a music video director who has worked across many musical genres, including pop, hip-hop and punk. We've asked him to tell us a bit more about how it all works.

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Music film director Adam Powell talks about how his passion for cutting film to music started from an early age.

What skills do I need to be a music video director?

It's a given that you will need to be passionate about music and making films, but there are other important skills that you will need to demonstrate as well. You will need:

  • strong organisational skills
  • to be confident using maths and budgeting
  • in-depth industry knowledge
  • the ability to think creatively
  • awareness of health and safety guidelines.

What to expect if you want to be a music video dircetor

What will I get paid? Your rate will depend on a number of factors: the complexity of the video, the location, the band’s budget and your experience. Fees may be agreed hourly or daily and contracts are usually freelance or fixed-term.

Where will I work? Most of the time you'll be on location or in an editing suite. What are the working hours like? Filming is often concentrated into intense one or two-day shoots.

What qualifications do you need to be a music video director?

What qualifications do I need? You might find a formal qualification in film-making useful, but its not uncommon to start your career in another production role, such as researcher or producer, and work your way up.

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