From pro tennis to punditry

When pro tennis players decide it’s time to step off the court, some of them cross into commentary.

Here are some of their experiences of making the move, and their tips on being a good pundit:

Former players share their tips on being a good pundit.

The pros top tips:

  • Be prepared: preparation is key, as Boris Becker says. You need to be completely ready by the time the camera or microphone switches on: “When the finals starts at two o’clock you’d better be ready at two o’clock.”
  • Do your best: Tracy Austin says that it’s important to not dwell too long on any mistakes you make and just do the best you can every single day: “It’s about having a tough day and still picking up your boot straps and saying OK I’m going to go out tomorrow and still go after it with 100% effort.”
  • Know what you’re talking about: Tim Henman says it can help to have been involved in the sport or to have a good knowledge of it to start with, but above all else, you need “to sound like you know what you are talking about.”
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