Young and in charge: is youth an advantage in business?

Lacking in experience? Immature? Irresponsible? Clueless?... “Ok, Boomer.”

While this may be how some people see Millennials and Generation Z, many young people are actually taking the future into their own hands and forging new business frontiers.

Young people are tired of having their concerns ignored over everything from the environment to securing a stable future for themselves in a world where a job for life no longer exists. And as for being characterised as lazy, or entitled ‘snowflakes?' Well, the clapback has begun.

Young entrepreneurs in the UK are on the rise, with the Enterprise Research Centre reporting last year that those aged 25-34 in the UK are “significantly more likely to be involved in early stage activity than 45-64 year olds”. Younger generations are beginning to reject the 9-5 to kick off their own enterprises, with many starting as a ‘hustle’ or bedroom-business.

Watch as these business-owners tell it like it is about their experience of being young and in charge:

So, if you’re young and thinking of starting up in business, build your confidence - in your ideas and yourself - and remember the advice here:

  • Forget age! A good idea is a good idea.
  • The time is now for young people in business. Go for it!
  • Get inspired by other young leaders.
  • Use new technology to your advantage.
  • Become a content creator.
  • Be excited about the opportunities to influence new industries.
  • Command the room.

As Caspar Lee puts it:

Start talking. Start acting. Start achieving.

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Your future awaits!

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