Using coins to make an amount

Home learning focus

Learn how to use different coins to make an amount of money.

This lesson includes:

  • one videos
  • three interactive activities


Making 40p

Watch this clip from BBC Bitesize which explains that there are lots of different ways to make 40p.


Activity 1

Making 10p

At your stall at the jumble sale, everything is 10p.

  1. Can you think of 5 different ways to make 10p using coins?

  2. Use the money you made in yesterday's activity – how many ways can you make 10p using your coins?

Click here if you missed yesterday's activity.

Activity 2

Coin problems

Have a go at this worksheet from Maths-Whizz. You can print it out and underline the answers on the sheet or you could write them down on a piece of paper.

Coin problem worksheet

Finished? Check the answers here.

Activity 3

Play the measurement level of Karate Cats Maths - look out for the questions about money. Can you unlock a new costume for your cats?

Game - Karate Cats Maths

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