Starting secondary school this summer? Get the lowdown from Mr Burton

This summer, transition from primary school to secondary school will be happening a little differently due to the coronavirus pandemic. As well as the usual transition questions and concerns, you might be wondering what it’s going to be like with social distancing measures in place too. But do not fear! Mr Burton is here with some top tips on how to handle everything, from staying safe to looking good.

Mr Burton's top tips:

Covid-19 and secondary school

The most important thing that people think about when it comes to school is safety, and every single member of staff at any school whether it's primary school, or secondary school or anywhere else, just wants you to be safe and wants you to be happy.

You may have more worries about staying safe than usual this year because of Covid-19 or the coronavirus pandemic, but Mr Burton says that schools have many measures and safety procedures in place to keep it as safe as possible for you to be there, from staggered breaktimes to social distancing markers.

Finding your way around

People are there, people are kind, people are helpful and they want to help you get from A to B.

A lot of Year 6 students worry about getting lost when they get to secondary school. Secondary schools are often much bigger than primary schools and until you get used to the layout, Mr Burton says you probably will get lost at some point. But that’s okay! There are lots of people who can help you find your way around.

School uniform

You feel like you’re going to a wedding every day or something like that.

Mr Burton says Year 6’s often ask about uniform. It will be different from the one you had at primary school and it might feel too big and a bit formal. But you will get used to it, he says: “Make sure you wear it with pride… and you show everybody just how much of a fantastic ambassador you are for that school.”


The best thing that you can ever, ever do when it comes to bullying, is if it happens, or you feel like somebody is doing something to you that's making you feel in a way that you want to feel, you need to tell somebody.

Most of the people you meet at secondary school will be amazing and will become firm friends for years to come, but some people do worry about bullying, says Mr Burton. He speaks from experience when he says that it does unfortunately happen sometimes and that the best thing to do when it does is to make sure you report it right away.


Now transition is a really important part of starting secondary school,. Now because of COVID-19, obviously, that's different this year and we can't do the same things that we might usually like to.

Transition will be different this summer than it has been in the past because of Covid-19. Where you might have visited your new secondary school for open evenings in the past, this year introductions and transition activities are more likely to happen online. The important thing for you to remember is that if you have any questions at all, big or small, make sure you ask them. You can ask your parent or carer to email or call the school and they will be more than happy to help you.

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