Dr Alex's tips for the night before an exam

Revision: check. Pencil case: check. Panic: check!

So, here we are. You've spent the past few weeks preparing for this. You've memorised, scribbled, highlighted - and now it's almost time to put all that revision to good use. But is there anything you should or shouldn't be doing the night before an exam?

We've asked Love Island's Dr Alex to give us his five top tips on how to make sure you get to the exam hall ready to ace it.

Dr Alex's top tips:

  1. Go outside for a run, do some exercise. "Basically, just take your mind away from the exam," says Alex
  2. Don't go to bed on an empty stomach: your body and mind need fuel, and it's important you feel energised
  3. Talk to someone. Dr Alex recalls how, the night before an exam, he used to call a mate and they'd have a motivational chat. "Positivity is so important before an exam," says the doctor
  4. Don't underestimate the power of mindfulness. "Go to your bedroom, turn off all noise and sounds, maybe have a bit of music in the background, and let your thoughts come and go," recommends Dr Alex. "Focus on your breathing - what you'll find is, eventually your thoughts will drift away, and you'll find that you're at peace and calm."
  5. Get a good night's sleep. You might be tempted to cram in, but go to bed at a good time, and make sure the next day you're well rested.
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