Changes to GCSE English Language (AQA) exams for Summer 2022

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General information

Because of Covid, exams will be slightly different in 2022, but don’t worry – we’ve got you!

  • The structure of your exams will be the same - you'll still take two papers (plus the spoken language non-examination assessment)
  • There is no change to Paper 1
  • You will be provided with a list showing the major focus of the content of the exam for Paper 2
  • Assessment of reading and writing skills will occur throughout the papers

Other parts of your course might help you better understand the major focus of content topics, so speak to your teacher to make sure you're revising everything you need to.

We've provided links to relevant Bitesize content below. We can't guarantee that this will give you all the information you need to know, but it'll definitely help!

This information is based on version 1.0 of a document downloaded from the AQA website in February 2022. Please check the exam board’s website for any updated information.

Paper 1 - Explorations in creative reading and writing

There is no change to Paper 1. No advance information has been given for Paper 1 due to the nature of the source and questions in this paper.

Paper 2 - Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives

The major focus of the content for Paper 2 for both Reading and Writing are listed below:

Section A - Reading

Section B - Writing

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