Managing emotions

Home learning focus

Learn about the importance of self belief and managing your emotions.

This lesson includes:

  • a video to get your child active

  • two video clips showing how children can manage their emotions

  • two practice activities


Naomi Wilkinson has a song and dance routine which looks at the importance of self-belief.

This routine can be performed at home and encourages children to get up and moving while they learn.

Everybody's good at something! Join Naomi Wilkinson in believing in yourself and others

Managing emotions

In this video, a group of children describes what they do when they feel angry and how they can calm down.

Some of the children describe how their anger feels.

A role-play demonstrates some alternatives to letting anger take over.

A 'traffic lights' system can help children think through their angry moments.

How to manage your feelings

Feeling angry

In this video, a child explains his feelings after he has been angry.

An animation explains why sometimes we lose control.

It explains how our thinking brain developed over time and how, when we lived in caves, we needed a fast-acting fight or flight response to danger.

The video looks at how our emotional brain can take over sometimes.

A description of the feelings created by anger


In this section, get children thinking about how they can identify and manage their different emotions.

The activities help to reinforce the descriptions of anger and other emotions contained in the video clips.

Activity 1

Identifying feelings worksheet

Using this activity from Twinkl, children can learn to understand the different emotions they may feel.

Get your child to match the activity with the feelings and to explain why they have chosen it.

Download the resource sheet

Activity 2

Mood monster cards

Mood monster cards help your child to explain how they are feeling.

They can use this downloadable resource from Twinklto find the words that match the facial expressions on the monsters and talk about their feelings and their mood.

Download Mood Monster cards

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