How to stay positive at work

Responding to challenges in a positive way often produces the greatest results. You have to think about things differently in order to overcome setbacks. There’s no better feeling than finding a way to make something happen when you thought you couldn’t.

Top tips to take away

  • Accept you are going to face setbacks - keep your long-term goal in mind and don’t get disheartened
  • Create a vision board - this can be as visual and colourful as you want. Some people use photos of different goals and aims so they can picture what they want to achieve
  • If you’re struggling, whether for ideas or motivation, have a look back on completed work that you’re proud of, or goals you that have achieved. It can put you in a positive headspace to tackle the new challenge head on
  • Don’t kick yourself when you’re down. If you miss an opportunity, or something goes wrong, learn from it and use your past experiences to improve in the future
  • Ask for feedback - if something doesn’t go your way, identifying why is crucial to learning from it. People will love that you want to learn and improve
  • Try to not to take feedback personally! It’s not a criticism - it’s a way to help you progress in the future.
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