Divide up to 4 digits by 1 digit

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Learn how to divide up to 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.

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Find out about dividing a 4-digit number by a 1-digit number with this video.

Learn more about how to break down a calculation when dividing a 4-digit number by a 1-digit number:

4-digit by 1-digit short division

4-digit by 1-digit short division

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Activity 1

The Greatest Remainder

  • The aim of this game is to be the player with the greatest remainder at the end! Take it in turn to roll a dice. Write down your number each time. Roll the dice four times each so that you each have a 4-digit number, such as 2396.

  • Now that each of you has a 4-digit number, each player chooses a number between 3 and 9. Divide your 4-digit number by this number.

  • The player with the greatest remainder wins, as long as their calculation is correct!

  • Extension: Play the game again. This time, the aim is to be the player with the smallest remainder. How will this affect how you play?

Activity 2

Dice Divisions

  • This is a multi-player game. Start your go by rolling a dice. Divide the 4-digit number you are on by the number on the dice. If you manage to divide it correctly, you can move the number of spaces you rolled on the downloadable board below. Then it is your opponent’s turn.

  • Take it in turns to move around the track. The first player to reach the end wins!

Dice division


Play Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica to learn more and sharpen your skills on this topic.

Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica

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