Multiplying and dividing problem solving

Home learning focus

This lesson contains some activities to practise problem solving with multiplication and division.

This lesson includes:

  • one videos
  • three interactive activities


Problem solving

Watch the video from BBC Bitesize on solving maths problems.

Top tip

When you have a number problem to solve, highlight the important information.

Look out for key words. This will help you work out what to do.

Make an estimate first, then check your answer.


Activity 1

Try the worksheet on division from Teachit. Print it out or write your answers on paper. The answers are at the bottom.

Division problems

Activity 2

Multiplication and division challenge worksheets

Have a go at the worksheets below from HeadStart Primary. You could print them off or write the answers on paper.

Solve problems involving multiplication and division

Activity 3

Quiz with Wise Owl

Have a go at the quiz below on multiplication and division from Whizz Education.

Can you get them all right?

Quiz with Wise Owl

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