Struggling at secondary school

It's perfectly natural to have some struggles when you first start secondary school. You might find it challenging to make friends, manage your homework or find your way around a new building.

The animated stories below look at three students who struggled in different ways. Although they found it difficult at the beginning of the year, they eventually found a way to solve their problems.

Struggling to make friends

Logan was shy and awkward when he first started secondary school. Like many students, he was comfortable at primary school and was worried about the changes a larger school would bring. After making a friend in one of his classes, Logan was introduced to a larger friendship group and they've been his friends ever since.

Struggling with confidence

Indie was anxious when she started secondary school and the less she spoke to people, the less confident she felt. For her, Drama pushed her to be more confident by getting up on stage and performing. Finding a hobby made Indie feel better about herself and introduced her to some of her best friends.

Struggling with friendships

Milly felt like she was being excluded from her friendship group at secondary school, especially on social media. She was soon receiving nasty messages and had to get the head of year involved. He spoke to the group individually and they all apologised to Milly. It's important to speak to someone if you ever think you're being treated unfairly, even if it's from your friends.

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