Help! I don’t have any skills…

If you’re looking for a new role but are worried that you don’t have the skills for the job, don’t panic! You may well have more to offer than you think. Life experience can give you transferable skills that are valuable in the workplace – you just need to know how to describe them.

What are your strengths?

Ask someone who knows you well to describe your strengths. They might describe you as a planner, a listener or a person who gets things done.

Although you might not think these things have anything to do with work, you’d be surprised how much employers value skills like these.

But how does that apply to my CV?

Now you’ve identified the skills that you use every day, you just have to translate them into workplace language. You might be someone who ‘gets the party going’, but you probably shouldn’t put that on your CV! Describing your ‘leadership and motivation skills’ would be better – these are skills employers are looking for. Reading job descriptions is a good way to learn the language of skills and work.

Ideally you’ll have used your skills in a professional environment and can use these examples on your CV. If not, volunteering – whether in a field related to the job you’d like or for a local charity – can help you get professional experience for your CV.

Life experience can lead to job opportunities – you have more to offer than you think!

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