Meet the Mind Set experts!

We've teamed up with careers advisors, life coaches and recruitment managers from across the UK to bring you the best advice on what to do after your exams, whether it's taking resits, picking your next qualifications or planning your first steps in the world of employment. Read on to find out a bit more about them.

Erin Bartley, Careers Advisor, Skills Development Scotland

Erin delivers coaching and guidance session for classes and individuals from P7 up to S6, helping them with decision-making, subject choice, gaining a sense of self and exploring their future career options. She also volunteers every year on the national exam results helpline, offering practical advice to students at this critical and stressful time

Iwan Williams, Careers Advisor, University of Liverpool

A careers advisor now specialising in STEM, Iwan has 15 years' experience working in the careers sector. He has delivered careers advice and employability skills workshops in schools, including working with vulnerable young adults. He now supports university students with future routes to employment and has also worked on the exam results helpline.

Mark Anderson, Career Coach

Mark is a career coach and public speaker. He is passionate about providing professional career guidance to young people, helping them to make well-informed and exciting decisions about their future. He works in schools delivering careers information, advice and guidance and also works with adults who are going through a career transition.

Sera Evans, UK Recruitment Manager, University of South Wales

A former teacher, Sera works with schools and colleges to offer students aged 16 and older advice and guidance on routes into higher education. She has a broad knowledge of university admissions and her team have delivered hundreds of higher education awareness sessions, helping over 16,000 prospective students each year.

Rasheed Ogunlaru, Life Coach

With over 15 years' experience of coaching, Rasheed is a leading life coach, public speaker and author. He runs individual and team development sessions and his clients include the NHS, the British Library, celebrities and general public. He is considered one of the UK’s specialists on achieving lasting inner fulfilment.

Finneen Bradley, Careers Academy Manager

Finneen has over 10 years’ experience in providing careers support, advice and guidance to all age groups. Her award-winning work at the Careers Academy, NWRC also includes interactive workshops for people planning their careers to ensure they are fully prepared for the world of work. She also helps prepare students for progression into university and graduate employment.

Annie Dobson, Careers Advisor

Annie is a careers advisor with over 17 years' experience, who is featured in UCAS advisory videos and works closely with care leavers and young people in care. She also worked as media and education consultant on UCAS MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Catherine Sezen, Senior Policy Manager

Currently representing the views of colleges to the Department for Education on policy, Catherine is a senior influencer who interprets the implications of government reviews and plans for further education.

Dr Radha Modgil

Our Mind Set doctor. As well as being a GP, Dr Radha is the medical expert for Radio 1’s Life Hacks, regularly giving advice on a broad range of topics, including how to look after yourself during exams.