Finding a rule with one and two steps

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Learn how to form expressions and understand algebraic conventions.

This lesson includes:

  • two learning summary slideshows
  • two worksheets with answers

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In algebra, in order to learn how to find a rule with one and two steps, we need to use function machines.

Swipe through the slideshow below to learn how these handy function machines can help you to find an algebra rule with one and two steps.

The one-step rule for this function machine is to multiply by 7. Can you work out what the missing input and outputs are? Write them down before moving on to the next slide.

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Activity 1

Complete the function machines worksheet

Master the skill of finding two-step rules with these challenging function machine questions.

The answer sheet is included with the worksheet.

Function machine worksheet

Activity 2

Use the two-step rules to find the distance jumped by different animals in this worksheet. Find the answers on the last page of the worksheet!

Jumping sequences activity

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