Parents' Toolkit: Wellbeing – primary

Looking for resources to support your child's wellbeing? Check out these top tips.

Louise Pentland’s top tips for protecting your mental wellbeing as a parent
Five ways to manage your wellbeing as a parent during lockdown
Five ways to incorporate mindfulness into your child’s day
Five ways to support children’s mental health
Exams cancelled, no prom: six ways to help children cope with lockdown loss
Eight ways to support your anxious child during the coronavirus pandemic
Specialist advice and support
Tips for people with anxiety disorders
Specialist advice and support
Tips to cope with the pressure of parenting in lockdown
Free support helpline for parents
How to talk to children about Covid-19
Lockdown tips for 8-12s
Downloadable leaflet
Paul and Freddy's mental health top tips
Worries about death and the virus
How to recognise anxiety in children
Listening and sharing
Tips to help children cope during lockdown

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