Do you have to be savage to be successful?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there - at least, that's what they say. But when it comes leading a team, is a brutal, take-no-prisoners attitude really necessary to be taken seriously in business?

To answer this question think about the role models in your own life... Who have you respected and wanted to do a great job for? Who has inspired you to push yourself? Whether a parent, boss, teacher, friend or mentor - no doubt, these people will have supported you as much as they challenged you.

The days of needing to play to stereotypes, like a bully in the boardroom or ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ on a work social, are finally over!

Watch successful entrepreneurs explain how they strike the balance between being a boss and BFF at work.

So to recap, here’s some takeaway tips for budding entrepreneurs:

  • Don’t be a mean person, but know when to stand your ground on important issues.
  • Enjoy social time with your team, but draw the line at gossiping about your personal life with staff.
  • It's possible to be friendly and strong-willed at the same time!
  • Have confidence and be assertive - but there’s no need to be bossy.
  • Remember that being a leader means making difficult decisions and having tricky conversations with people you work with.
  • A boss is someone that you work for, and a leader is someone you work with.
  • If you micro-manage people you will stifle their creativity and drive.
  • Empowering your staff creates a positive culture and leads to bigger successes, more quickly.
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