How to become a music director: Kojo’s story

Meet Kojo Samuel and find out about his life as a music director. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

Watching Glastonbury come to life was amazing. It was a big moment for Stormzy, it was a big moment for all of us.

  • Kojo turns a recorded piece of music into the music for a live concert or event. He reworks some of the songs, creates a setlist and chooses the live band

  • During the performance, Kojo will oversee the sound

  • Kojo says it is important to get to know the music you are working on, so that you can deconstruct it and make it interesting for a live audience. It is also helpful to have an understanding of most musical instruments

  • You will need technical computer skills and the ability to communicate with the band or artist and a team of people

  • Kojo did best at GCSE Music and Drama at school. He studied A-levels but says he was already developing as a producer, writer and musician. He decided to go straight into work at 18

  • He learned about the live music industry on the job as a keyboard player, touring with The Sugababes. He now creates sets for artists like Stormzy.

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