The key to learning more effectively

This article was first published on 29 September 2020

The human mind is complex and we are constantly discovering new things about how our minds work.

One area in which research is generating new insights is the study of learning, which is not as straightforward as we thought. Understanding a little about how learning works can help you study more effectively. We asked education writer and speaker David Didau to give us the lowdown.

Your working memory is responsible for all your waking thoughts, and the processing of all experience – your moment to moment conscious experience of life.

When studying, going over and over the same material is not very effective. It’s better to study something once, and then test.

What we call ‘learning’ is the transfer of information and experience from the working memory over to the data bank that is long-term memory.

For more information on the sources used for this film check out this document.

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