Simplify fractions

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Learn methods for simplify fractions using knowledge of common factors.

This includes:

  • two videos
  • two interactive activities
  • one worksheet


How to simplify fractions

In this video from KS2 Maths a runner simplifies fractions to find out how close they are to the finish line.

You can simplify a fraction if the numerator (top number) and denominator (bottom number) can both be divided by the same number.

Six twelfths can be simplified to one half, or 1 over 2 because both numbers are divisible by 6.

6 goes into 6 once and 6 goes into 12 twice.

A method for simplifying fractions

Watch this film to understand how a bar model can be used to simplify a fraction.


Activity 1

Simplifying fractions interactive

Can you simplify the fractions in this interactive activity from KS2 Maths?

Activity 2

Simplifying fractions interactive 2

Now see if you can simplify the fraction in this activity.

Activity 3

Simplifying fractions worksheet

Can you use common factors to simplify fractions in this worksheet from Twinkl?

Simplifying fractions worksheet

Click here to find out the answers.

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