Compare and order fractions

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Learn how to understand and order fractions with different denominators.

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Comparing fractions with different denominators

Watch this demonstration of how to compare and order fractions with different denominators.

Comparing fractions slideshow

Here's a step-by-step guide to comparing fractions with different denominators.

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Activity 1

Higher or lower card game

This is a two-player game. You will need the set of the playing cards on the sheet below. You can print off our version or copy the shapes and make your own. Place the card pack face down on the table in front of you. Turn one card face up on the table next to the pack.

  1. Player 1 predicts whether the top card in the pack will have a higher, lower or same value as the first card that they can see.

  2. Player 1 turns over the top card and works out which one is bigger.

  3. If their prediction is correct, they keep the first card. If their prediction is wrong, put the first card at the bottom of the pack. Player 2 will then use the second card to make a prediction for a new card.

The winner of the game is the person who has the most cards at the end of the game, when all of the cards have run out.

Activity 2

Comparing fractions chocolate challenge

Try this chocolate-based challenge from NRICH Maths which helps you understanding and compare fractions in a fun and tasty way!

Comparing fractions chocolate challenge

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