How to encourage your child to be a confident learner

This article was first published in December 2019

Phil and Nicole Robinson, parents to Nadrianne and Myles, give their advice for helping children to be confident and creative learners.

Phil and Nicole's tips

• Learn through open-ended play. Swimming, baking, and board games - it doesn't have to be just books and homework.

• When your child is playing creatively, this could be playing sports or a musical instrument for example, don't ask too many questions or tell them how to play. This allows them to explore their own imagination.

• Build responsibility for decisions and tasks in your child. Allow them to make simple decisions that affect them, like picking a book to read or a toy to take on a car journey.

• Give your child responsibilities around the house, like emptying the dishwasher, setting the table for dinner, or packing their school bag.

• Check in with them regularly!

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