Five minutes with Ellie Brown

As an ex-Love Islander, Ellie Brown knows a thing or two about relationships.

We caught up with her and asked her to share five things she knows about this crazy little thing called love.

Ex-Love Islander Ellie Brown

1. “My time in the villa taught me that physical attraction isn’t everything. Of course attraction is great, but personality is always more important than looks.”

2. “If you’re going into your first relationship, just enjoy it. Don’t put too much pressure on it to be perfect – be realistic. Treat it as a new experience and don’t get too carried away. You might stay together forever, but you might not!”

3.Communication is everything. If you put up barriers and don’t show other people love, how can you expect them to show love back?”

4. “A relationship should bring happiness to your life, not sadness." If you need to end things, "remember to take time for yourself and time to heal.”

5. "Don’t change for anyone. If someone tries to make you act differently, they’re probably not the right person for you.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more of Ellie’s advice on the Bitesize Healthy Relationships collection.

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