Behind the brands with BBC Young Reporter: What's it like to work on MOTDx?

BBC Three's MOTDx (Match of the Day Extra) brings you football, music and culture from around the Premier League – but what's it like to be on the other side of the production?

The Young Reporter team went behind the scenes of some popular BBC brands to find out which jobs go into making hit content.

Join presenter Reece Parkinson, director Clair Goodwin, assistant producer Liv Portas and sports filmmaker Tom Mallion for a sneak peek behind the scenes of their roles in BBC Sport.

Reece Parkinson, presenter MOTDx

For me, I think the best part about being able to work on MOTDx is just meeting incredible people... I mean, who doesn't want to meet great footballers?

Reece's top tip

Join as many sports teams as you can. You make friends, you grow an interest in sports you might not have thought you would and you learn really solid teamwork.

Clair Goodwin, sports TV director

I knew I wanted to work in TV but I wasn't quite sure which path I wanted to go down... I did lots of different courses that kind of all tied together in my job at the end of it.

Clair's top tip

Get involved in activities which help boost your confidence, like sports or drama. Confidence will help you massively in your career!

Liv Portas, assistant producer

You don't have to go to university to get into the world of journalism or get into a media industry – there are other routes in.

Liv's top tip

If you start out as an apprentice like I did, it's important to make your name known and your voice heard in whatever department you're in. I found that younger people's voices are really valued to help make sure the content appeals to younger audiences.

Tom Mallion, sports filmmaker

At school I was one of the kids who asked a lot of questions and I think I've taken that through to my working life today.

Tom's top tip

Follow your passions. Make films about things you enjoy watching and doing – you'll learn so much from the process.

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