How to become a production manager: Byron's story

Meet Byron, who manages outdoor art installations for Walk the Plank arts company.

What I realised in the time out when I wasn’t doing this stuff is how much I missed all the amazing genius you come across.

  • Byron manages installations for an outdoor arts company. He is responsible for looking after the people and equipment involved in putting together large-scale outdoor arts installations and productions

  • His role involves working with gas systems, fire gardens and pyrotechnics

  • Having tried to avoid studying at school, Byron managed to pass in his exams and went on to study Drama at university. It was through drama that he learnt about all the elements that go into creating productions

  • He spent some time in the music industry DJing, promoting music, running a record shop and working with artists. This laid the foundation for the type of tasks he does now

  • After taking a break from the field when his daughter was young, Byron rejoined the industry when he started working for Walk the Plank, the outdoor arts company he currently works for

  • Byron says you never stop learning. At 47, he is still learning lots every day, which he loves – it motivates him to get out of bed in the morning!

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