'A letter to my mother' by Amina Atiq

Meet 'The Future'

The Future is a series of short spoken-word films featuring inspirational poetry and performances from six up-and-coming young artists.

Each film presents a unique perspective on the future and confronts issues that really matter – from climate change to family ties, trusting in fate to the power of love. And they look pretty amazing too!

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Watch 'A letter to my mother' by Amina Atiq

Meet Amina

Amina Atiq is a poet from Liverpool. Her poetry has been described as straight-talking, beautiful and powerful.

Amina got into writing and performing poetry because she wanted to shed a light on the political and social affairs that matter to her. She wanted to be visible – not just as a young person, but also as a Muslim woman.

Poetry isn’t just words on paper for Amina, it has become an important part of her life and the way she lives. She uses it to reflect, learn and grow as a person, believing that:

Poetry is the gateway to the truth.

About 'A letter to my mother'

Amina’s poem ‘A letter to my mother’ is all about the importance of relationships and how the closest ones are often the hardest. She explores how:

It's sometimes difficult to express how we feel to the people that are close to us.

In her poem, Amina expresses how much she loves her mother but reflects on how she can push her away:

‘You’ll never understand me,’ I slam the door
breaking your heart over and over again

She urges us to take the opportunity to tell people how we feel now, before it’s too late; to tell those closest to us that we love them and avoid the risk of living in regret.

'A letter to my mother' by Amina Atiq

I am your nightmare, your heartbreak
the life dispersed from your


your first love and your first-born
in glitter bows, puffy dresses and leather

shoes, handbags and glossy lipsticks,
the best dressed toddler in that


and it was only you and I, handpicking
peaches from grandad's secret


and it was only you and I cuddling under the night until I crept
back into your breast at the end

and there are thousand ways to show
you my love but I chose to break your

heart instead and the woman in me
hopes to find the courage to let you

know before it is too late that

I love you.

My mother, you are the perfect masterpiece who
nourished my soul, challenged me,

broke me, made me and you are the flow
of electrons, passing through my body

and turning the key
to my engine and without you, I am a car

without fuel, and without you
I am holding my breath and

there is a letter buried under my pillow
waiting to be written but the pen is too


to accept that the woman I am today
my mother engraved in me.

Some write letters when we have left this
world, wrapped in white cloths, and eyes closed

body cold

and perhaps I do not want to make that mistake and one day,

the sun will shine and I will not keep
you in the dark one more time

For I do not want to live in regret

and when a thousand voices cheer me on
from the audience, perhaps the only


I really want to hear, is always you.

‘You’ll never understand me,’ I slam the door
breaking your heart over and over again,

but my mother, she waits up all night waiting for the key to turn through the door

for our bones are made from Yemeni mould and when we fight, I sneak back into her chest

when she is not looking

and while you dream, your skin like dawn
mine crushed against my empty


you hide your tears behind your garments
so I never see. You curl your lashes back,

rub the cream where it hurts

and when you complain of the pain
in your limbs I turn away, afraid that

I will lose you, one day.

Meet the poets

Our six poets were finalists in the Words First talent development scheme, which saw BBC 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network and BBC Contains Strong Language come together to discover the best spoken word artists in the UK.

We asked the poets to write an exclusive poem for The Future and worked closely with them to develop the creative approach to the films.

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