Compare amounts of money

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Today's Bitesize Daily lesson is all about comparing amounts of money and using greater than, less than and equals symbols.

This lesson includes:

  • one slideshow
  • one video
  • three activities

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Chomp the money-saving crocodile.

Meet our friendly crocodile called Chomp. He is going to help you to understand how to compare amounts of money.

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Watch the video below from BBC Bitesize on the greater than, less than and equals symbols.


Activity 1

Which symbol?

Add the correct symbol between the bins in the activity below.

Activity 2

Compare money worksheet

Have a go at problem-solving with amounts of money using this set of activity cards.

Compare money worksheet

Activity 3

Add the symbols

Print out the activity sheet or write your answers on paper. Draw the correct symbol to compare the amounts of money included in this activity.

Add the symbols

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