I returned to work after a decade of bringing up my children

“I didn't have any qualifications, so I felt that people didn't take me seriously.”

Dilwara decided to return to the workplace after over a decade. She loved being a stay-at-home mum, but when her children were in full-time education she began looking for work.

After she got married, Dilwara decided to prioritise being a mother. She loved bringing up her children but, when they came home knowing more about the HDMI cable than she did, she chose to retrain.

Applying for jobs as a project worker was difficult. Dilwara’s ten-year gap held her back as a lot had changed since she last worked. She decided to pursue another role that would be flexible and related to children.

Dilwara's younger sister wanted to support her in getting back into education, so she helped fund her courses. Dilwara completed a Level 2 in Childcare and a Level 3 in Early Years Education and she’s now working as an early years practitioner and considering a degree in adult education. Her whole family was proud when she was selected for a Learner's Award.

“When I told my mum that I’d been selected for a Learner's Award, she nearly started crying. Everyone's proud of me."
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