Application and interview tips

Not many people enjoy applications and interviews.

Yes, they can be scary and time-consuming, and it might feel weird talking about all your skills and achievements. But they are a gateway to the course or job of your dreams. From university to apprenticeships, our coaches have been through all sorts of application processes and interviews. Here’s what they have to say!

In this short film, our coaches give you their best application and interview tips.

If you’re applying for a job or course:

  • When you’re writing an application form or covering letter, you will probably have to write several drafts. Ask a friend, relative, teacher or tutor to read it through and suggest improvements.
  • If you have extra skills, like a second language or a coding language, make sure you highlight that in your application
  • If you get an interview, do your research about the course or the company. You can also watch our experts give their top interview tips here
  • If you are asked to show a portfolio of your work, start it well in advance – they can take a surprisingly long time to put together
  • While the tone of an application or interview generally needs to be positive, it’s fine to talk about when things didn’t go as planned, providing it shows you’ve learnt from your mistakes
  • And remember: this is a chance to show people your personality and how brilliant you are!
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